Auto Mart Corporation
3917 1st Ave SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Our Current Inventory of Cube Vans

* Behind the price is for state transfer fees collected at the time of purchase see bottom of page for details

2013 Chevy Express 3500 Cube Van 177WB 16 Foot Box with Waltco Tuck Under Lift Gate 2,000 LBS
60,000  Miles

Coming SOON!!!

* What the symbol * Means behind the price.

Iowa Residents:
We will collect these fees and do your transfer for you. Plates, title, and registration will come directly to you by mail. If there is a lien holder title gets mailed to the bank.

  State of Iowa Registration fee is 5% of the purchase price
Standard Iowa title fee is $25.
  State of Iowa License Plate Fees will be collected, the price does vary depending on the vehicle you buy.
$10. Lien fee charged by the state of Iowa if you are getting a loan for the vehicle
Our Documentation fee is $95.

Non Iowa Resident

The only fee we Collect for a non resident is our $95. Documentation fee

You will be responsible for registering and paying any fees in your home state.

If you are getting a loan on the vehicle we will mail the title to your bank and they will have to help you do the transfer. This makes sure they get noted as the lien holder.
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